Saturday, August 19, 2006

Which is the best Photo Gallery?

Hi Guys and Ladies,

I have built my first Gallery using a script running out of my DAM software (IMatch). You can see the result at

However I want to create something better. I am today trying to import some pictures on Flicker. It looks nice and easy to use and has lot of traffic. But before that I need to rename properly my pics, export ITPC fields and then I will load these to Flicker, long day today!

Anyway I can see that I am not the only one to start Galleries. For instance Mark is going for Gallery2 see.

So, I am asking to the people who went through that process before, what would you recommend and why?

My main requirements would be:

- to share my pics with family and friends, online but also on CDs,

- later sale a few pics to pay for the hardware,

My secondary requirements would be:

- access control,

- integration to paypal,

- integration to online printers,

- integration to IMatch,

- cool presentation,

I see that there are quite a few vays to go about creating photo galleries:

- specific software like IMatch Photo Gallery,

- Online service like smugsmug and flicker,

- open source gallery like the php Gallery2,

- custom made ones (I am looking at Ruby on Rails for that)

What did you use? And most importantly why?

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