Sunday, August 20, 2006

My evaluation of Flickr is starting well

Check out my Flickr bage on the right side bar: isn't that cute? More to see on my Flicker page.

I am already thinking redirecting my domain directly to Flicker instead of running my own little JavaScript gallery.

For my evaluation, I want to look at SmugSmug too. Although Flickr is nice and neat, I want to have some control over the look eventually. SmugSmug gives you more control but at a price.

Possibly Coppermine. I have looked at Gallery2 about a year ago. Not too bad but like Coppermine you need a PHP web account and some technical knowhow.

I also been told about new products that came out recently: Exposuremanager and Zenfolio.

Finally, I am wondering whether I could built one from scratch just for the fun of it! I found out about that cool web framework Ruby on Rails and I am dying to get my hands dirty again.

Lots to do, little time!

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Unknown said...

This Flicker thing is really adictive, I just burned an hour and half browsing and joining a couple of (flower) group.