Saturday, December 30, 2006

Photo: Milford Sound

Title: Milford Sound

Location: It was taken from our boat looking back into the fjord

Date: The 23th February 2005

Comment: It did not look very inviting at all

What is your favorite Flickr toy?

I must say the Flickr gadgets is half the reason I joined Flickr.

I love the Flickr badges. It is such an easy way to decorate your websites or blogs just look at the right column of this blog (for instruction on how to create a badge see).

I also found recently a great Flickr toys page and god they have a lot of toys on this page. Try the ID card, the Magazine or the Calendar they are really neat.

Do you know of other resources? What is your favorite Flickr toy?

That is official I joined Flickr

You've got to admit Flickr is fun.

I upgraded to a Pro account (i.e. I paid instead of skimming) just because it is really fun (despite being a bit slow).

The group stuff is really good. There is lots of weird groups to share your weird interests with like: Vanishing points and Minimalism.

Also you can create lots of gadgets to display your pictures like for instance the badges on this blog (see right column) or the ID card and magazine cover.

You can post comments and notes which appear on the pictures (neat).

You can organize your pictures (with tags and sets).

You can watch them using slideshows.

Of course you can share your pictures with the rest of the world or just your friends and family (i.e. restrict access to it).

Finally you can watch all the others pics.

Simple but fun!

Great deal on Photographic equipment

Hi Guys,

I am selling some of my film gear on Ebay:

Don't miss it. See you on Ebay.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover

Following on to my post about a photographer getting caught changing the true reality of a picture in order to make it more "saleable" (to the expense of the thruth), I bring you Photoshop Extreme Makeover.

It is a pretty short video of people images before and after being retouched in PhotoShop.

The skills of these guys are amazing, my little tunings of my photos look quite futile compared to that.

Can I have one for my bad mornings too?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Photo: Sunset on Mount Cook

Title: Sunset on Mount Cook

Location: I believe it was taken from our camping the "Glentanner" on the road going to Mount Cook

Date: The 18th February 2005 around 9 pm

Comment: It was bitterly cold however really worth it