Saturday, December 30, 2006

What is your favorite Flickr toy?

I must say the Flickr gadgets is half the reason I joined Flickr.

I love the Flickr badges. It is such an easy way to decorate your websites or blogs just look at the right column of this blog (for instruction on how to create a badge see).

I also found recently a great Flickr toys page and god they have a lot of toys on this page. Try the ID card, the Magazine or the Calendar they are really neat.

Do you know of other resources? What is your favorite Flickr toy?


David Huntley said...

Great blog, I've got you saved in my rss feed reader.

Leon said...

Hi Marc, I just listed your blog. Thanks for your support.

Watch out Flickr can be VERY addictive. ;) Groups especially can take up a lot of time.

Unknown said...

Oh yes this is addictive!

I spend quite a few lunches browsing through them especially Utata and Strobist!.