Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wedding pictures nearly ready

I confirm that I do prefer strong color and contrast

I think I am getting there (got to finish this week-end) still I must have already worked the equivalent of a week on these wedding pictures. That is lot of spare time. I don't regret though. I hope the family will be pleased and I learnt quite a lot from it too (see Lessons learnt from my first serious wedding as official photographer).

I confirm that I do prefer strong color and contrast to the point where the highlights start to go; but not too much: just a bit. I plan to make it "my style". I am sure it is not for everybody's taste (i.e. I am not sure the family will like it) nevertheless I do really like it. Worth noting that it does not always work well for every picture. Dark pictures become often too murky when boosting color and contrast.

I also got in the habit of using layers in Adobe PhotoShopfor the ajustments like curves and saturation. It is far more effective to compare the multiple effects applied to one picture using layers rather than history state. You can also adjust them indepedently from each other: that is absolutely great.

The IMatchcategory window is acting up. It automatically selects random categories when I click on one and then I have to close the window to select a second one; if not it does not select it (I think I had this problem before and fixed it). Quite annoying when one has 600 pictures to categorize.

Also I had a script to sync tiff files to raw files and it does not work anymore. I had to copy manually the properties for each picture. Plus the ratings don't copy across, I had to set them for the tiff files manually. Don't be scared IMatchis a great DAM tool!

I am going to reoganize (again) my category splashers (that is a cool feature of IMatch). I want to use them for groups now (like family units). They are often together on my pictures so it makes sense to have a splasher to add them all at once.

Also I have second toughts about my use of categories for my workflow. I still don't use labels. Maybe I should use them for that (the author of The DAM Bookdoes it so it must be right). My main problem with my solution is that there is no good short cut to change the status of the workflow. The only shortcut I now off is F11 plus categories number but then you have to press ESC to leave this mode.


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