Friday, January 12, 2007

Are you on Utata yet?

Hi Reader,

I decided to join the Utata group on Flickr. Let's me explain what it is. You'll understand.

First the nerdie bit: Utata is a front end to Flickr managed by a bunch of lucky people who have got way to much free time on their own (I don't mean that in a bad way, I am just anvious).

Utata gives you the possibility to create your very own member page where you can expose your favorite pictures. Since they arguably have around 30,000 visitors a day it is worth spending a few minutes plus you get to hang around with the cool kids.

There are fun projects to keep you busy after work. Also they have articles to read during the cold and dark nights of winter. Utata also highlights a photo on their spotlight giving the lucky owner some more of the these juicy internet clicks. There is also the bulletin board where you can post your news: free ad space cool (like your first sale or publication).

Also you will find lots in Utata technical resources on various subjects such as exposure and flash. They of course have a great photo pool where you can add your best photos and expect some friendly feedback. Finally you can check the Daily Ink for the latest news from Utata.

It is all rather unformal and relax giving the impression to be in a lounge or a bar with a bunch of friends. I am there around 6-7 pm (sometimes I drop by for my lunch break).

Have a look it is worth it.

See you at the bar,

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